I wear Alison Kelley Designs pieces daily and they have become the defining element of my style. I buy clothes to match the pieces and even receive gifts to match my everyday earrings since they are so captivating people remember them. Over the years I have accumulated many of Alison’s pieces and I receive many complements on the new and the old. I have never become tired of a piece and continue to add to my collection.
— Dr. Sonja P. | Phoenix, AZ
I met Alison her first year as a vendor at the Santa Teresa High School Spring Boutique, in 2008. I was immediately impressed by the quality of her jewelry and the affordability of it. I certainly felt like I was getting great value for every dollar I spent. Not only is she creative, her ideas are original, inspired, and unique. Over the years, I have purchased the majority of my necklaces and earrings from Alison and made many gift purchases as well. Among my favorite are the watch and earrings we got for our daughter and a beautiful customized necklace for a friend with daughters who do ballet. As I have arthritis in my hands, Alison has customized my necklaces so that they are easier for me to put on, making beautiful loops that fit through a ring. For the same reason, she has customized earrings for me as well. When I wanted a necklace to go with earrings I purchased from her, she made the necklace and then incorporated it into her line of jewelry. (I now have that necklace in three colors of stones and a beautiful pearalized finish as well, all with matching earrings!) My husband and daughter have shopped with Alison and she helped them pick out things she knew I would love. I have referred friends to her as well and they love the personal service they receive from her. Knowing that I can call Alison at any time to make a purchase and that if she doesn’t have what I want, she will create it, leaves me knowing that I have found a real gem of an artisan.
— Helen B. | San Jose, CA
I have been a customer of Alison’s for at least five years, and I only wish I had found her sooner! What I love most about working with Alison is that she always remembers my tastes - sometimes even designing things with me in mind - and is always able to point me towards the pieces I will love. There is never any pressure or sale-sy behavior, it’s just shopping with a friend! Alison has often helped me find a special piece of jewelry, whether it be for a special occasion or to be given as gifts. Alison creates the most beautiful jewelry and provides the best levels of customer service. I totally trust that my friends and family will have as great an experience working with Alison as I have! I love that Alison is willing to work with me on what I like. For example, when I find a pair of her earrings that I love, she has been willing to create a pendant to match them for me. Or if the earrings are sold on french wires, which I cannot wear, she will convert them to posts for me.
— Cathy W. | San Jose, CA
Artisan Alison Kelley speaks volumes both through the unique perspectives of her beautiful handiwork but also through her clear understanding of client needs based in thoughtful communication and, through time, the building of relationships. While Alison works expediently and exactingly, she is able and willing to maintain a vision specific to an individual’s wants and needs. For me, her work far exceeds expectation in the quality of each piece and the personal, very meaningful presentation of items made suitable for resale by my son’s foundation. From my perspective, Alison easily and generously shares her creative gifts, bringing into the world beauty and elegance, fun and joy in jewelry-making. My experience of Alison is passionate, gifted, deliberate, and considerate, a woman who is both personable and professional. In my book, she’s a keeper!
— Suzanne Turner | Summerfield, NC